Sight and Sound


–Photo by William Horden. 

Grasshopper, the woman I am mentoring in ADF Druidry came to me and asked me to give offerings and prayers for her husband, who is not a druid or even pagan, who was to go for eye surgery.  Never one to turn down such a request, I readily agreed to the work.  When I was ready I sat before my alter.  I ran through my usual opening ritual, opening the gates, giving offerings to the kindred as I invited them to my little rite.  Once all was done, I set to deepening my trance and calling to the spirit called “Heal-Fetch”, a spirit in the court of Bridghid that I and others in ADF have worked with before.  When I sense she was near or I at least had her attention, I laid before her my request of healing for Grasshopper’s husband. In return she wanted a blue candle burned to her in offering. In such cases I feel it is the responsibility of those asking for the boon to give the offering. So I sent Grasshopper a message letting her know of the spirits wishes.  Turns out, I found out later, that Grasshopper just happened to have a blue candle on hand, and so it was lit and let to burn.  

     A few days later, I was told that the surgery went very well.  Perhaps most interesting of all, the husband reports hearing his nick name being called by a woman just as he woke up after surgery, a name that he says only his wife uses; a name no one else knows about, yet his wife was not yet at the bedside, and in his own words and mind tells me he believes it to be the healing spirit we worked with.   

     Did Grasshopper’s husband suddenly drop everything and become an avid “born again” Druid or pagan?  No not at all; but I know this, his belief’s grew stronger.  

    I tell this story to emphasize that it doesn’t matter what belief system you bring with you to Druidry.  Come as atheist, agnostic, polytheist, duo-theist, pantheist, so on and so forth.  Come and just DO THE WORK of druidry and you will have experiences, and from those experiences your belief will change and grow. It will grow strong yet flexible, like the mighty English oak.  How could it not be? A belief born of actual first hand experience can be nothing but strong, as apposed to a belief your simply told to “have” or that you must have the belief first before you will have the experience! How backward that is!  

     So, to you out there, stop doubting your beliefs, stop doubting  yourself.  Go, do the work; do the ritual, find the trance, make magic and BELIEVE! 

By fire, well and tree, Blessed Be

Rev. Davin


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