Describe your happy place

A place where I am happy, what is that to me?

a place where it is quiet and I can feel free to be myself and fly where my thoughts take me like a library that I can check out the world. I don’t know if I can find a physical place that I would fit with all my strange ways and ideas, but I do think it’s a brilliant wonder to wander in for a while.
Let your thoughts wonder but keep a light leash on them.
Like a stretchy collar on them that can be pulled back but not so restricting that the sky is the limit and the stars are too bright to see with The dappled light reflects but you cannot read by the limited light in a forest it’s a place to get lost in the mind is a tricky little pixie sprinkling dust like bread crumbs on the paths you cannot see the stones glow in the moonlight and won’t be eaten by birds but with fairy dust anything is possible and the fantastic is real as the ink in your pen or the brain in your head.
That is where your boundaries should be where ever your thoughts are allowed to take pictures of the nature of things and keep them for your writing that is where you should not fear the angels that tread lightly here.
The infinity forest where only magic of belief can release you from its brilliant cage.
I like the idea of a boundless forest that I can wander in lost in without fear, but fear is itself a catalyst for creation or invention.
The times when your heart is pounding is when your mind works the quickest not the best but the most.
Frozen in fear is a misnomer, your mind still works in circles looking to the sky for its inspiration the birds in flight that your soul wants needs to follow on the wings you were born with.
Fairy light that leads you down the path the one you go down and meet the selkie or the Pooka on the deep places of older bowers where old powers sleep among the trees and in-between places. Sneak away don’t run from the immortal, it only draws their attention a wise on said to a wizard running for his life. Walk away unfettered by the fear behind you.
Take flight quickly but unhurried they breathe your fear and give flight to your soul when you would like otherwise.
The shimmering lights lead you down to your own grave that you have the shovel to dig.
Stop digging!
Get out of that hole that looks so inviting in the moonlight among the fairy lights dancing in the gloom.
Jump away and find your bread crumbs have been eaten by the crows.
Follow the shining stones to your left but leave the candy for the witches of the world unless you’re adept at baking.


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