The Tree Folk

I was always disturbed by the Christmas tree cut down in the Charlie brown movies, why could they not dig it up for Christmas then return it when they were done I always thought.

It seemed cruel to me, the smiling face that was stilled by the axe.

I felt for Charlie Brown as I watched.

He seemed as distressed as I was, but no one seemed to notice or care because…. it was ONLY Charlie Brown after all.

When I think of trees, I am also reminded of my mother. She was the one that introduced me to the idea that trees are living beings in an almost animist sort of way.

My mother was devoutly Christian throughout her life, especially in her later years, but would describe the ‘tree folk’ with almost human characteristics. I remember her telling me to watch as they ‘danced’ in the wind and to notice that they were ‘naked’ in the winter.

I know it wasn’t her intention to instill any beliefs concerning how trees should be viewed but like many things being given to us by the people who had a hand in raising us, we took it and ‘ran with it’!

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