Tarot for the week

  Dian cecht V

Healing a great hurt is the order of the day. taking pride in your accomplishments is good but do not rest on your laurels. you were the pride of your generation but there are always those who come after. they’re there for you to teach not be your competition take pride in that. Life is a cycle not a washing machine.

8 of spades
Once again you are the great work of your ancestors you have gone to tempering for a reason or purpose but even they could not imagine. Continue to temper yourself just that they have done for you in the past don’t rest on your laurels just yet there’s still much work to be done.

5 of pentacles 

He steps out from the warm barn.  A stone is in his path and he’s aware of it but he will use it as cornerstone rather than see it as an obstacle it is placed in his path for a reason. Things are not always what they seem. It only takes a change of perspective or a change in circumstance turning a stone in the way into cornerstone for a great Cathedral


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