At Sunset, Why did the aggressive baby live?

“Aggressive or noisy children are not tolerated. Anger is a feud within the soul that we must tame before birth or not at all.” Aslin Jin II, 0001

Our faces must be silent and cool. We must fold our emotions behind them like laundry  and keep them locked tight in the back drawer. Emotions bring with them  War. With war come death and suffering, thus we discover the root and  we tear it out!  

Empathy is not tolerated, to feel for another is to feel all the same and thus, it is part and parcel of the problem.

Those that are cool in the face are cool of heart and are truly human. We can live in peace, and are content. We fulfill our physical needs and the world is at peace with itself.

For,  an apathetic existence is a peaceful one and we will live together in harmony.

Still, there are some that slip through the testing. For those few, there is ‘The Sleep’ to calm their suffering.

We must put them out of their misery, it is not mercy but common sense.

We must choose our  “Caretakers’  with care.

To allow an aggressive child to live past sunset is a shameful thing.

Or, so the textbooks will tell you in the cities.

I was one of those smuggled babies. I was condemned for wanting only for my mother when she left. I was to be one of the many babies removed, a morbid statistic

A stranger came to my rescue.

I don’t know her name, I was never told but because of her selflessness, I survived past sunset.

Every night I remind myself of that sacrifice and I am grateful. I smile at the moon as she rises and greet the stars as sisters as they hide in the dark with me here.

Us who survive the purge of night live on the fringes of the great cities. Out amongst the desert we live and die on our own terms.

It is a violent life and often unfair.

I won’t call our life ‘safe’ or ‘peaceful’ but I think it is a good life. May be its even better than those lived in the city but, who am I to know? This is the life I know and I am content.

We cherish all children here as they arrive, even ones like me. It is frightening when the ‘war wranglers’ scour the sand for us in the day. Most of us are asleep but those left awake are willing to spill blood to defend the value of every life.


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