Tarot for the Week

 Ancestors: Knight of cups reversed

Striving for the light, the grail is in sight but are you really on a quest or is it VR or illusion? What you need to find is deep within yourself. If you cannot seem to find it there then you need not search in vain in the world around you. Is your search the illusion or the goal?

Nature Spirits: Six of wands

You stand on the rock, the skull or bones of those below you. you may hold the wreath of victory but without your standing stone, you are only one among the rabble. pay homage to your beginnings and your fellow living things or you will be crushed beneath them.


Shining ones: Six of Cups reversed

In play as children we served the tea, water in cups to furry friends who catered to our every whim. be aware that the fae are waiting for their cups to be filled, the shining ones wait for something to slake their thirst. As adults lets not loose sight of this and leave places for them to sit at our table.



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