Part III

When he needed something, he went out and got it and if some other person were in his way he got around them. Usually, he didn’t kill them but sometimes it was unavoidable.
The killing wasn’t really important, though.
Even getting caught wasn’t the main reason he was against killing to get what he wanted.
Though, It was inconvenient to be locked in a cage all day while someone else could be having what you killed that person to get in the first place.
You could get away with it with the right amount of planning but really who had the time?
Well, he did obviously but that wasn’t the point either.
The point was that he really wanted that seat on the airplane but it would not be worth it to kill anyone to get it.
Weighing the consequences logically was part of why he had survived this long.
He knew that, had been taught since birth that building relationships beyond the physical perfunctory patterns needed to live a life led to attachments.
Attachments to physical things lead to suffering.
He didn’t suffer like the ‘warmongers’ in the desert.
That would be stupid and inhumane.
Dangerous too.
No one wanted the ‘Caretakers’ to come get them.
He wasn’t suffering, he was living his life and what he wanted was for that to continue without any interruptions.
Interruptions like the one sitting in HIS seat on this airplane.
He was a regular on this flight and should have got the same seat.
That was where he should be sitting, not 23A.
His routine had just been jostled a bit and he needed to adjust.
He needed to release this attachment to seat 22A and move on with his life.
It was just a seat, on a plane that he took every week.
He would not let his attachment lead to his own suffering.
He would not even acknowledge the thief to his left, she would be gone in an hour anyway.
He would get off the plane and give his weekly donation and leave all this behind him.

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