Tarot reading for the week

  Secrets are revealed, not the big ones but ones that are personal and reveal more about your inner workings than you would like. You have to negotiate and compromise without losing the core of you.

  You leap up and use others as stepping stones, they are doing the same. the bright light you’re reaching for is tantalizing but sometimes when we reach high enough we loose our footing. Make sure you have a solid grounding before you reach higher, you need a firm home base to return to if things are not what you’d expect or need.

  Weave and capture what you need but be aware of which threads are the sticky ones so you don’t fall into your own trap. Don’t be afraid to break the pattern if it no longer serves you. Hold onto only what you can use, don’t hoard what should belong or serve someone else. Also, if someone comes to pick something up, be willing to let it go.


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