You were cruel
 I gave back in kind.
My eyes were wide
everything was spinning,
inside and out.
 My lungs were burning.
my arms flailed weakly around , hitting things
the light flickered,
eyes blinking in the water,
My legs pumped,
wildly seeking something to hit.
I kept struggling,
wasn’t stopping.
I wanted to breathe,
needed air,
I clawed at the hands holding me down,
my feet beating the girl in front of me.
I don’t care if I kill her,
I just want to live,
get away from you.
I know I’m hitting something but she isn’t letting me go!
I kick  harder.
Aim at her chest, her face!
Blood flows and I find air again.
I’m sorry I had to hurt you but you had no right!
I did nothing wrong!
I hate you!
I pity you.
I don’t understand you.
What did I do?
I didn’t lie!
I knew what you were doing wasn’t right!
You made me stand there with a bar of soap in my mouth.
My sister stood there and watched.
She was scared.
Now I’m angry!
What did I do wrong?
How could you just stand there and watch?
You were MY sister!
Why didn’t you protect me?
What could I have done that could have made you hate me enough for you to just sit and watch and do nothing!
I waited for hours for you to save me!
Where were you?
Playing games while I was trapped in a corner, too scared to move?
Did you forget about me when I was out of sight?
Were you glad you didn’t have me following you around for once?
My hero.
My sister.
I loved you.
I hate you.

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