Weekly tarot reading



 Grow your talent and let the fruit be sweetened with time and ripen in the sun. You create joy wherever you carry yourself proudly but with humility. Have a good time but always follow your passion and don’t stifle it with logic.

You have something that is precious to you but has value to something else, guard your children your creations with furver. Don’t give up you have the advantage of home ground. Use every advantage including those who ask to help. Defend yourself and don’t let others gain unjustly From your effort.

  Your cup runneth over, if you are grieving let the emotions flow. In celebrations let the laughter bubble up..whatever you are feeling let it flow through you. Emotions are not meant to stagnate and attract flys. They flow and create life in barren places. Fish flow upstream, returning home and beginning the journey again. Life is a cycle of endings and beginnings, ever flowing and carrying your through life. No obstacle is too great for water’s persistent beat. Large boulders become sand and are washed away.


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