Random sluggish thoughts at 2am…:( ZZzzz…

I am exhausted and yet I cannot sleep. I am thinking of making a cup of tea but that would mean I have to boil water and find my teacup, it took me few tries to even type it!  Supposedly we are getting a cold front in so I should get ready for cold nights and cups of tea, which sounds almost as good as a bowl of corn chowder right now, something warm to put me to sleep….for the next four hours till I have to move my car so my sister and her husband can leave for work.

I couldn’t find room on the street again so I had to park in the driveway. its really annoying when you get home late and have to worry about that sort of thing.

It was worse in the last place they lived, there you could get a ticket if you were in the wrong spot without a permit, which I was often enough to give my dad ulcers.

That tea is sounding better and better….first I might go ahead and look for parking again now, to save myself the aggravation later.

I think I’ll go do that…brb!

finally found a parking place only took me thrity minutes.

Poured me a cup of tea too, now I am just waiting for it to steep cool down to drink it.

I am kind of glad I found parking, now I don’t have to worry about getting up early, I have to be up and working by 4 but thats not bad. In case you couldn’t figure it out, I am not a morning or early riser. Its not that I am grumpy, I just am not coherent before 10 am, or later if I have been up late or drinking the night before.

This post really has no point really, just me rambling on rather than counting sheep before I go to bed. I wanted to post this earlier and maybe more coherently but it is what it is.

I meditated today for the fifth day in a row! It was kind of a let down, not much came of it and I was tired afterward. I even took a nap and I was still sluggish, I find out later that it might have been my roomates fault, she has been feeling sluggish and depressed and being an empath, well… 😛

She is usually better at shielding herself but I guess it was bad enough today that even I could feel it. I need to maybe look into shielding myself, I have alway had a problem with being sensitive but I’ve coped.

Mostly by running away or being a hermit. I am babbling on, my tea is cooling and I really need to sleep….ttfn!

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