It’s too hot….

I am exhausted. My legs are cramping and I really just want to lay around and do nothing. I did some work today and I meditated but I still feel so unproductive and I just want to lay around and sleep. Maybe it’s the heat but maybe I’m just depressed, I spent a few hours on the computer doing nothing and I watched some videos but that wa not enough to get out of my slumpI really don’t have the energy to even sit up and type this post on my computer, I am laying here and typing this on my phone using my Bluetooth keyboard and I sometimes don’t even have the energy to keep my head up to look at the screen. Maybe I should go out an take a walk to clear my head…? The park is right down the street but even going there is a bummer, there are some homeless people that make it not great. There are so many now there were not that many before I don’t know if I am imagining it but there seems to be an influx of homeless around here. MY roomate commentated on it so I know I am not crazy!

I should get some more water in me maybe that’s why I am so slumpy today, combined with other things I am dehydrated. so, that’s my update for this week, I am depressed and slumpy but still alive and working through it. Yay.


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