Weekly tarot reading

The emperor reversed 

you are in control you are the product of your ancestors but you are in control. Accept that power hold onto the reins.  it’s going to be a bumpy ride. your power is not outside yourself it is internal accept this, acknowledge that you already have the reins in your hand.right now your hands are loose and you go wherever the tide will take you take the rudder firmly in hand.l and steer where the wind can take you.

Shining ones 

eight of cups reversed

The archerfish lures what it needs with what it has. Grasp hold of what you need and leave the darkness behind. you are a shining light, a beacon. You are  also are your own guiding light. Let all excess  fall into your wake. Grasp only what you need and hold onto it tightly. 

Nature spirits 

eight of wands reversed

Let your wishes go on the wind for they are like seeds that need to be sewn that will fester and decay in your hands if they are hoared. If you got them too tightly they will turn to dust. Use your breath to spread them like dandelions, use the gifts you were given to help others find their own.


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