A couple of days back, April 30, I acted as seer during the celebration of Beltaine put on by the Protogrove of the Valley Oak. My boyfriend went with me, bringing my favorite cookies for the potluck afterward and acting as an supportive observer. We had the ritual in Kevin’s backyard, a wonderful space open to the sun shining down on this lovely day.

We processed in after Kevin appeased the outdwellers with some alcohol, and asked the kindreds to meet us in the sacred center when we opened the gates. I helped Victoria asperge and censer the celebrants as we entered. we sang singing ‘come we now as a people’ as we settled into a circle around the fire.

Kevin led us in a two powers guided meditation that ended with the group reading of the druids prayer.

We honored the earth mother, some of us kneeling on the ground as grain scattered on the ground as an offering.

Next we made an offering of alcohol to Mananan mac Lir for him to help us open the gates.

The group chanted as Kevin offered whiskey to the fire, silver to the well and grain to the tree, opening them as gates to the other world where the kindred waited to meet us.

We made our offerings, Inviting the three kindred to join us by the good fire we had burning. Then we made another offering to the deities or special guests of the occasion, the Spirits of the Land.

As we sang them in, we took a moment, feeling the air around us change in response to their presence. It sent chills down my spine and put a smile on my face.

Afterward, several of us including myself made personal praise offerings. I made an offering of sage, thanking my patron for her protection during a tumultuous year.

Next, acting as seer I drew the omen, asking what blessings the kindred had for us in response to our gifts/offerings to them.

The nature spirits gave us sail or willow. Thier gift was the flow of life and the liminal quality of time.

The Shining ones gave us Coll or Hazel. Wisdom from the shining ones is not something to be sneezed at or ignored.

Finally, the Ancestors game us Iodhadh or Yew. They wanted us to remember them always, not just on highdays.

We accepted the gifts of kindreds and drank the waters of life.

After, we thanked the kindreds, closed the gates and had a lunch potluck style!




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