Okay, modern au where Swanfire grows up together and as kids they make a promise that if they’re both 30 and still single then they’ll marry each other (cuz they’re really little so 30 seems hella old) and then when they both turn 30 they both remember their stupid promise and both of them are too proud/stubborn to back out of the promise so they get married










Added bonus: Neal is secretly thrilled, because he’s been in love with Emma for years.

Yesssss! Exactly what I was thinking. They get married at City Hall and the wedding is unexpectedly cute but very obviously hipster cuz yeah, in this Swanfire they’re both hipsters

Emma IRONICALLY wears a flower crown to the after party with their hipster friends, Jefferson, Graham, and Ruby.

AHHH YES!!!! Neal makes fun of her for it (but secretly thinks she looks like an angel and is speechless for a second) omg! And Graham has a little bakery and he bakes them their cake! Jefferson cries and Ruby is the maid of honor

Jefferson writes them a song (that’s not very good) and plays it for them on his guitar (which he’s also not very good at). Neal’s considerably less enthusiastic about the vegan cake than Emma, but Graham went to so much trouble, he lets it go (it’s actually not that bad). Ruby–who Neal considers to be almost a sister, he’s known her even longer than Emma–is suspicious that he actually may have feelings for his new wifey (scandalous!)

Yes! They clap when Jefferson’s done because they don’t have to listen to it anymore. Ooo yes! Emma is a vegan and has been trying to convince Neal since forever, the cake isn’t a bad start. Yes! Ruby *knows* that Neal really loves Emma but she’s keeping quiet for now cuz she wants to see how this progresses naturally, so she’ll leave them alone unless they take too long, and then she’ll meddle

OOOO WAIT! Can Archie be the one to marry them and Ruby totally hits on him? (I love me some red cricket)

Hang on, let me–YES!!!! @heatherfield

On the side, David and Mary Margaret are afraid their former roommate and BFF will never admit her true feelings for Neal and set out to be little cupids.

And Mr. Gold, who’d undergoing a painful divorce, is afraid his only son will get his heart broken and sets out to do the exact opposite.

This so needs to become a thing or just continue on Tumblr just like it is


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