So I had this prompt idea. Apparently there’s a product called ‘Clone a willy’ where you take this kit and make a mold of your partner’s junk, turning it into a silicon dildo with a vibrate option. I have complete faith that this could be Rumbelled in some way. Gold goes on a business trip. Belle wants to be prepared.












I have heard of those kits before! Anon, I’m gonna slide this one over to @mrgoldsdearie because this one is right up her alley!

I feel like this would work best with an AU Gold, someone who’s very confident in themselves. Like Nick in @thestraggletag‘s Starbucks series, trying to think of a gift to give Belle for her birthday, for instance. Or even Rushbelle – I would think that they would have the raw materials to take a casting and make a mold on Destiny. Maybe not the vibrator part, because you don’t want to waste any batteries you might have on non-essential toys, and Idk about the electrical sockets and cords situation. But it’s not like Belle could buy herself a dildo up there in space for those times when Nick is too busy to pay attention to her.

Bonus points if someone nearly walks in on Gold (or Rush) while they’re in the bathroom waiting for the plaster or whatever it is to set.

I was thinking it would be good for Match dot Com.

Why did I think the same thing when I first saw the post? 😀

Not to mention MDC!Rumple’s anaconda would make the perfect specimen for such a thing. He’s also confident about it with Belle. She doesn’t make him feel like a big slab of man meat.

MDC!Rumbelle are adventurous characters when it comes to trying something new together. And though Rumple does have a bit of a tendency to be a little self conscious about his size, (thanks to women like Zelena :/) talking him into doing this and making him feel comfortable is something Belle would accomplish perfectly. I don’t think staying hard would be a problem for him.

Also, the long distance relationship they have works well with something like this. It could be funny having Belle use the willy she made as kind of a practice tool to learn how to satisfy her boyfriend and his massive girth more. She kinda needs to learn how to give him a blow job.

I knew you would be the right person for this. 😀

Thank you. And also thanks for tossing this my way. I’ll be working on MDC again after I finish this chapter of Masterchef that I pushed back four times!! This clone idea will work flawlessly with that’s already set for MDC 😀


Apparently there is *so much more smut* out there that I’ve yet to read. How the hell have I missed this?!?!?! @mrgoldsdearie @endangeredslug

If you’re interested in reading Match Dot Com you can find it in my master list here:

It’s been on a mini hiatus while I work on other fics that were begging to be written, but it will be updated this month.

If you haven’t gotten to @mrgoldsdearie‘s fics yet now is the time to drop everything and get on that.

*cuddles you*

Thanks for the nod!


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