everyone is aware bernie is still running right. like he never dropped out. he is still here

in all seriousness i feel like those Hold Your Nose, Close Your Eyes, Bite Your Tongue and Vote For Hillary 2k16 posts are all good intentioned and i will probably be saying the same after the convention, but i don’t think people realize how damaging they can be RIGHT NOW, while he’s STILL IN THE RACE, when the core of his entire campaign is his supporters being enthusiastic / donating / volunteering / sharing information about him. he already has so much working against him in terms of biased media coverage, election fraud, etc., and seeing posts like that can be really demoralizing and make people give up on him when he needs them more than ever — i know bernie is a longshot but if anything, with trump officially being the official nominee now, we should be encouraging people 2 rally behind bernie even more and help ensure he has the most delegates he can possibly get going into the convention because he is a surefire way 2 stop trump, seeing as he has proven himself as a candidate who can gain the support of independents who are so critical for the general election



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