Not Famous Enough? Navajo Nation Loses Urban Outfitters Case

The largest tribe in the United States could not prove it was “famous” enough to win a trademark case against the hipster fashion giant.

The Navajo Nation lost two counts in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Urban Outfitters because the tribe’s trademark is not “famous” enough, the court siding with the fashion giant’s argument that “Navajo” is a generic term for a style or design.

The Indigenous tribe—the largest in the United States—had to prove that the term “Navajo” is “widely recognized by the general consuming public of the United States” to move forward with the trademark dilution case, which few courts have been able to prove, said New Mexico’s District Judge Bruce Black on Friday.

Is there some sort of appeal process? Because that’s some bullshit.

What in the fucking hell???

Fuck you urban outfitters and bullshit education system

what the fuck.

its sad because they were doing so well up in until this point as the case was going on!

i hope they can appeal.

This is why I refuse to shop at Urban Outfitters

Whilst this is terrible, I would like to learn more about the case itself. Were linguists called to give testimony? Corpus linguistics is used often in trademark cases, and it would be very interesting to see whether linguistic data was used to identify the associations with ‘Navajo’. 

This is disturbing and rather disgusting I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything from urban outfitters ever again


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