Three years ago, my dog went viral on Imgur and Reddit, thanks to this picture I took right after she’d yanked down a post from the front of our house with her bare strength.

But like the image above says, this is not a good post.

That dog above, the one that made so many people laugh, her name is Eva, and she’s my 7-year-old lab. She was just diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

Without chemo, she only has 3 months left with us. But her oncologist has given her a good prognosis with chemotherapy. She could live to see her 9th, 10th, and even 11th birthday.

Which means more years of this happy, ridiculous puppy.

The price to extend her life? $8500.

I nearly died when I saw the number. I’m paying off 4 student loans right now, and my parents are in insurmountable debt. I thought, this is it, we’re screwed. In between crying spells and anxiety attacks, I realized what my choices were: give up and let Eva go in the next 3 months, or crowdfund my ass off.

Internet: you’ve done it before, now I’m begging you, do it again. Spread Eva like wildfire. She deserves a second chance. She deserves the extra time, and all the fun and happiness she’ll have in that time.

Here is the link to her gofundme.

Any amount you can donate will help tremendously. Please, help Eva.

Eva has raised over $3,000 in one week!!! Part of that is because of many tumblr users who have donated, thanks to so many of you reblogging this. Please keep sharing. Tag people you know who have lots of followers. Post it on your facebook. On reddit. On twitter. Everywhere!! I have 17 weeks to come up with $5,000 more for this fantastic pupper.

New tactic for week 2: anyone who reblogs this post will get an automatic follow from me. You don’t have to follow me back! If it gets more people to reblog this post, I’ll do whatever it takes.


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