Prompt: Town menace Mr. Gold is actually very shy and doesn’t like talking to people outside of rent or running his shop. But his son eventually convinces him to confess to his long-time crush, local librarian Belle.


As usual, I didn’t follow the prompt exactly because I’m terrible. The title is from my favorite song..

Absolute Beginners

Mr. Gold poked his head around the corner of a dusty shelf, keeping one eye on his son who was flipping through a book about a sneezing panda and one eye on Belle French. The library was empty except for himself, his son… and Miss French, the head librarian who was manning the front desk while Ariel took her lunch break.

Monday afternoons were usually the quietest so he took Neal after school to pick out the week’s reading and, afterwards, they got an ice cream cone. It had become a little tradition for them, one he secretly looked forward to.

“Damn it,” Belle muttered, slapping at her computer with the flat of her hand. “Work faster you stupid—oh!”

Beating it must have worked because she got busy typing away, blowing a strand hair out of her face in exasperation as she peered at the computer screen.

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I love this, timid gold is so adorable!


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