Summary: “Belle writes a lot of fanfiction. What her readers don’t know is that she gets her husband to ghost write her smutty scenes for her, or where he gets his inspiration.”

This one is reworked from a similar prompt I gave to @ripperblackstaff, who very kindly allowed me to take it back and write it myself. It didn’t go quite where I was expecting, but I hope you all enjoy nonetheless!

Rated: NC-17


Fingers of a Ghost

There was a huff of frustration from Belle’s side of the bed and her husband gave a small smile to himself, beginning a mental countdown and continuing to read his book, although he knew full well that he wasn’t going to get any further with it. It was something of a ritual on Sunday mornings. A lazy breakfast in bed with kisses and cuddles, and then Belle would continue work on her latest fanfiction extravaganza and Rum would read, or do his books depending on what time of the month it was. And if the morning ended with them both in the shower doing things that sort of defeated the object of taking a shower in the first place, then so much the better.

Another huff came, followed by the sound of frantic back-spacing.

“Having fun, dear?” Rum asked mildly.

“No,” Belle grumbled. “They just won’t get naked. How difficult is it for a man to take his wife’s nightdress off her?”

“Well.” Rum pretended to give the matter serious thought. “That depends. If the wife currently has a laptop on her knees and is cursing a couple of fictional characters, then it is a slightly more difficult process.”

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