AU where people age until they reach 18 and then stop aging until they meet their soul mate so they can grow old together.

i’d never die

but imagine already being in a relationship at 18 and then at 22 you’re both sitting there looking at each other and realizing that you both haven’t aged a day

imagine platonically moving in with ur best friend at 18 and then realizing a few years later that you’ve been aging together

imagine purposely never finding your soul mate so you can reign eternal

holy shit i think we may have stumbled upon the greatest romance/adventure concept ever

What if you killed your soul mate so you’d make sure you never aged.

This just makes me really want a story where the main antagonist is someone who has been killing their soulmate for centuries whenever they find them, and the main protagonist is the newly re-incarnated version of their soulmate

okay but you guys dont realize the potential.

imagine meeting a handsome young man who’s seen as a player and sleeps around a lot and you notice a scar along his arm and ask where he got it. he just look down at his feet and said “i used to be a soldier in world war one”. He’s been sleeping around and hooking up so much cause he’s been trying to find his soulmate for years but hasn’t yet.

Imagine going on your first date with someone and you really hit it off and then the next day you notice a grey hair and call them on the phone excitedly screaming and they both just sit on the phone hysterically crying and laughing.

Imagine sitting in silence with your partner and having them say out of the blue “i feel so old when im around you… but… in a good way” and thats the moment you know that they love you.

imagine having a dog thats 18 in human years and it starts to get gray patches of fur because they loves you so much.

imagine noticing you look older and freaking out but then stopping and getting super confused because “im not dating anyone right now…. which of my friends is my soulmate… WHICH ONE IS IT!?!?!?” and then they hopelessly date everyone they know in order to find out which one it fucking was. it was the pizza delivery guy the whole time. they went on 27 dates that all ended in confusion and heartbreak and it was the god damn pizza delivery guy from a month ago the whole fucking time. 

imagine someone dating their partner for 5 years and then having an affair. only after the affair do they start aging.

imagine nuns who start to age after they ceremoniously “marry god”

imagine people getting surgeries to look older cause they dont want people to think theyre alone.

imagine having parents who wont let you date anyone but they start to notice you aging and then you have to have a terrifying “surprise im gay and i have a boyfriend haha oops” conversation

imagine seeing couples with teenage kids and the couple both looks 18.

i could go on for hours.

imagine immortal aromantics/asexuals


Ahaha guess who gets to be immortal lol aha

I’ve added this twice already but I’m adding it a third time in case any of my followers haven’t seen it yet.(I’m rly proud of it)

Okay but also

Age based laws like drinking age and senior citizen discounts would be fucked. “I’m sorry sir you have to be at least 21 to drink” ‘I’M THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE I PROBABLY HAVE WHISKY THAT’S OLDER THAN YOU” “Sir, it’s the law” “WHEN I WAS TWENTY ONE THEY DIDN’T HAVE STUPID LAWS LIKE THIS” b/c this stuff is based on physical age not time lived.

The age hierarchy would disintegrate. “Don’t tell me what to do what are you like 12″ “I was doing this while you were in nappies shut up and listen”

Aromantic ppl would be like royalty or something by virtue of outliving literally everyone else. “Wow you speak a lot of languages” “Ofc I do I’ve been learning since 1131 A.D.”

How do linguistics and clothing and etiquette and culture evolve, when people are still lingering from the year the waltz became popular? History lessons from people who were there. English lessons from someone who saw the original Shakespeare performances and talks like they’re from straight out of one of the plays. Latin lessons from someone who gets all snobby about French and Italian being bastardizations.

What happens to people whose soulmates die before meeting them? Eternal life or aging alone?  Does their soulmate reincarnate? Let’s go with that second one.

What are generations? Your mom’s best friend from childhood is your age. Your mom is middle aged. Or, weirder, your mom got knocked up outside a soul-bond and now, eighteen years later, you are physically the same age. Then you meet your soulmate and are ten years older than your mother.

Family trees are a wreck. Your brother’s husband’s nephew and your sister’s great-great-great grandchild are the same age and turn out to be soulmates. At the wedding, you are 18 and your brother is 46 and your sister is long dead. You’ve married outside your soulbond twice. The marriages lasted 21 and 43 years respectively. Only your first partner has started aging now, half a century after your divorce.

You’re 16 and an 18-year-old is flirting with you. Is he two years older or twenty?

U.S. Government paying reparations today to the still-living victims of American atrocities, to the slaves freed after the Civil War and to Cherokee who survived the Trail of Tears and to the Japanese Americans who were put in Internment Camps. Slaves having been freed after a century of enslavement b/c their owners prevented them from ever meeting their soulmate and thus kept them in perpetual young adulthood. Survivors who will take no shit because they were there and they know exactly what happened.

Doctors having to get a new degree after set amounts of time b/c STOP USING LEECHES TO BALANCE THE FOUR HUMORS MEDICAL SCIENCE HAS ADVANCED BEYOND THAT.

Trans ppl being born in the 1700s and wanting to transition and not being able to the way they are today and living long enough for HRT to be developed.

Poly ppl meeting one partner, aging for a year, and then stopping again like wtf??? And getting three more partners before the aging starts and doesn’t stop. Living eighty years as 21 year olds waiting for one more person.

okay but imagine people starting to age once they discover their true passion

like maybe there’s an aro/ace kid who isn’t in love with people, but takes up music or pottery or knitting and falls in love instantly

because even if it’s not romantic, it’s still love, right?


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