Random Rumbelle thought while I’m at work. What about an AU in modern day earth where magic exists and fae/mythological creatures have always existed and live amongst humans despite their major differences. Belle is just a normal human who has moved to Storybrooke after college, a town full of the ‘other’ as she ends up good friends with dwarves, a mermaid, a werewolf and many of the others.

However she’s often distracted thinking about the town’s peculiar resident, a unique type of Imp who lives in a cozy house in the forest and runs a clothing/tailor shop in town. She’s never dated an ‘Other’ or many people in general with her mysterious curse she knows little about, but her constant bumping onto the strange magical man of sorts, as he shows her he’s less frightening than he makes himself to be, finds her taking a chance despite her fears.


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