Hey I was just wondering have you ever considered doing a remix of Gold’s Kitchen with the roles reversed? Chef Belle and contestant Gold. I’ve read reverse remixes before and they are always so fascinating with how they are the same and yet completely different.




Yes! This has been something I’ve considered many times.

Celebrity chef Belle French is looking for the next head chef of her new restaurant. She host the competition of Hell’s Kitchen to find that chef.

Gold has worked in the industry for years, but haven’t been able to move his career in the right direction to change his life and the life of his young son. His son talks him into joining the competition and he signs up for the show.

A few nights into the game, Gold injures his right leg. He’s almost put out of the game, but fights to stay in. His determination to stay catches the eye of Chef French a lot deeper than she anticipated. Now queue the hidden chef and contestant relationship! 😀

I’m not sure of when this will happen, but as you can see, I’ve thought about it!

Oooh! That sounds awesome!

Anyway I know you are busy and you have several WIP’s already. Don’t want to delay any Masterchef Storybrooke updates 🙂 but yeah if/when you get to it, I would seriously love to read it.

Poor Gold 😦 it would be hard to run a kitchen on his feet all the time with a fresh injury. Was it Hook that got him with something? Or maybe another antagonist. Cora, Blue, Zelena, so many evil possibilities heh. Belle could nurse him better though 🙂

I know, I know, I shouldn’t ask questions seeing as it’s not even a WIP yet /hides I will contain myself.

I love the idea of Cora maybe tripping him in the kitchen. That would add a different dynamic of rivalry in this fic.

Belle would defiantly nurse this poor guy back to health. Lots and lots of nursing ;D


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