Hello, pictured above is my little sister Cierra and her 2 ½ year old daughter Rakiyah. My sister is 20 years old and pregnant on strict no-work orders due to complications. She’s been displaced from her home due to an electrical fire, the city fire department has deemed it uninhabitable. She is not allowed to return back to the house to get her things or her daughter’s things. She’s been staying in a hotel for a little under a week ($67 a night) with the help of the Red Cross (pictured above) and the Salvation Army. Part of the money she received went to food, as she ran out of food stamps and she isn’t allowed to return home and get her non-perishable food. An anonymous donor staying at the hotel already donated a bag of 2-T clothes and a box of 96 diapers to her for my niece. My sister’s funds are running dry, though, and she does not have the money to pay the hotel past tomorrow. Our goal is to raise enough money to keep the hotel room until Friday, at which point she will hopefully be approved to move into a recently built apartment building in her town. She’s been on the waiting list and the fire pushed her case to the front but the apartment needs to be inspected first. After she moves she won’t be able to get her things until the city allows, they changed the locks on the trailer that caught fire, but she can manage from that point with the help of a local soup kitchen. I’m making this post today to ask for help in raising at least $202 for my sister to stay at the hotel until Friday. I’ll transfer the money raised to her VIA Western Union at Wal-Mart. Please, if you can, donate to on PayPal or use the donate button in the description on my blog if you don’t have a PayPal. Thank you to any and everyone who helps whether it be via donation or by spreading this post, it means the world to me and my sister.


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