My evolving little altar

I moved a few weeks ago and so I had to move my altar I had a lot of things on my last one so I had to condense a little bit to be able to fit that in the space I had in this new place! It looks like it’s working and it’s actually more convenient for my meditations now that it is on the second to the bottom bookshelf in my bedroom.

Now I can just sit down and do my meditations and do my own ogham readings on the same place and it’s right here in front of my altar and actually turns it into a bit more of a ritual than it used to be when I had it up on the shelf above where my bed was but not quite at the level where I could just sit in front of it and actually face it.

I still may add a few things to move with a few things and change the layout but the placing is probably going to just stay where it’s at, because it works very well and I’m quite happy with it! 


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