I Answer Your Questions (sort of)

Sea Green Telecaster

Q. Daffodil teacup like Willy Wonka — how to make? – YourCreditCard.org

A. Dear Your: I think the first step would be to make a regular daffodil that is able to hold liquid without leaking or falling apart. Buy up a whole bunch of daffodils– like, wait until the end of daffodil season and then harangue your daffodil man for some hot rates on bulk bulbs. Then, for 10 or 20 generations or so, cross-breed for durability and cup-bulbosity. This is where your 7th (8th?) grade knowledge of punnett squares is (finally!) going to come in real handy.

So far, duh. Doy, even. I apologize for condescending– I just wanted to show that I was legit. But don’t quit on me yet: here’s where the Whatever My Name Is Difference kicks in. At this point, most folks would just tell you to dunk your newly double-tuff daffodils in white…

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