when I first think of fertility, sex comes to mind and babies. I think that’s what most people think of when this word comes up. I also think that for most people that’s where it ends and they look no further than the outside or obvious. I would like to think that I am not like most people, I may start at the same place but I don’t end it there. I want to examine what this word means to me in a deeper sense.

As a woman I find that my fertility is not anyone else’s business but my own. At least, not in the traditional sense. I don’t like or appreciate that as a virtue fertility is so limited in other peoples minds. I view fertility as a primary female principle but not for the strictly sexual or even physical context. I mean, it does have those connotations attributed to it but that is not the whole story.

The female principle is symbolized as a cup waiting to be filled. Its about receptivity and opening up to the possibilities. Its being open minded and accepting. its about creating bridges and places for things to grow. its nurturing connections that are necessary for our society to continue.

In the Tarot the queen of any suit is the nurturer, the one that allows things to grow and the King is the one who puts things in their right place, he organizes the chaos of the wild garden.

Fertility is all about potential, letting things grow as the will and nurturing that growth in a healthy loving way. Its not about tearing people down and being judgmental. Itt ps not about putting people in a box and punishing the outsider.


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