Day one of the Shrine Challange

As I mentioned in an earlier post there is a challenge for creating a daily shrine that fits into a particular topic or theme.

The first one is just a cross-quarter shrine, one done for Imbolc.

I won’t be doing the whole picture thing, mostly because of space but also because of the nature of my relationship with the Kindred.

What I am going to do here is just write about what I would have on this hypothetical shrine.

For Imbolc, I would have a simple shrine. Brigid is a big deity for this time of year and I have always thought of her as practical along with all of her other attributes so a simple shrine with a few things on it would be appropriate.

Yellow and white would be the kind of color scheme,  flowers like daisies or tulips. I have a lace tablecloth with roses on it, that would fit a small table but any cloth would do.

Since its a shrine all the hallows would not be necessary but the fire of some sort, maybe a white, gold or yellow candle to light.

I also happen to have a sheep-shaped cookie mold that I  could use to make an offering of a butter cookie to place on the shrine.

And that would be it, very simple but I can see Brigid appreciating it, maybe having a glass of milk alongside that cookie.



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