Shrine Challange: Day 2: Hearth Shrine

My main hearth culture is Irish with a little Welsh mixed in.  I have always had a big affinity with owls and the first time I heard anything paganish was when I listened to Damh the Bard with his story/song of Taliesin and Cerridwen.

On this shrine, I would have a green tablecloth, maybe with Irish Knotwork or just plain. The fire well and tree would be on top, the tree in the center with the well and fire on either side.

A wooden lacquer bowl would be my well and a small candle would be my fire.

I have Brigid’s cross and several figurines of owls, kind of hinting of my Irish and Welsh leanings. The owl would be on the side of the well and the cross on the fireside.

I also have a small clay skull, painted with Crows that I connect with my Ancestors and The Morrigan, it would likely end up on my Shrine as well.

I don’t have any figurines of particular deities. I  don’t think they belong on this shrine. It’s a Hearth Shrine so, I think symbols of them are more appropriate because I don’t want to break up the focus.

Maybe I will move around my altar to put a picture up and add it later.



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