This last weekend I had the privilege to attend a wonderful local, to me, convention: Pantheacon! I spent more money than I planned, as you do, but I had a wonderful time hanging out with my people. I didn’t go to many workshops or rituals, there were quite a few, but the ones I did participate in were worth the selection.

I met Kristopher Huges from Anglesey Island off the coast of Wales for the second time and was not disappointed. He was a joy to listen to and I learned so much. The topic we were discussing, in brief, was the difficult challenge we face when our loved ones pass away into the otherworld. It was a challenging topic for me to listen to but Kristopher brought joy an humor into the heavy topic. I lost my mother 4 years ago so, this was an emotion-charged hour but I learned so much about how the act of dying can be and should be just as revered and celebrated as the act of being born or any other rite of passage we go through in our lifetimes.

It was a great talk and I purchased one of his books on Welsh Mythos, From the Cauldron Born, which I am now reading. Its been informative and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on my next Podcast in March. He has another book that deals with the ideas brought up in his talk but I wasn’t ready to pick it up yet but it’s on my list.

I also went on a journey to Anwyn ( pronounced anoon) with the Sisters of Avalon along the same path that Arthur took so many centuries ago. We met with the 9 Maidens of Welsh lore to gather at the great cauldron and gain wisdom from its inner depths. My traveling companions include a very good friend of mine, Rose Red who you might know from her Tarot Podcast. It was a wonderful journey full of wonders seen and wisdom gained.

ADF, the Druid Fellowship I belong to, also had their ritual on Friday evening and I participated for the first time as a celebrant rather than an observer. Bonnie, my soul sister in many ways, wrote the invocation for the shining ones that I used, it was lovely and very moving.

My last workshop was with Michael R. Gorman, a friendly lovely man I could(and did!) spend hours talking to about the Celtic paradigm. It was once again very informative and also a lot of fun.

The rest of the time I spent with the ADF Druid in their suite, which is always a joy! Many of the people there I only see at this Convention and I had a great time catching up and connecting with old friends.

I was exhausted at the end but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! It’s always sad to see it end so quickly, time is like that when you are having fun, but I am already planning for next year!


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