It would be funny if it weren’t so true

Here is a letter king wrote while being held in Birmingham Jail.

It was originally addressed to the church in general, but I think it remains relevant, especially after what happening in maryland.

It states quite plainly that where injustice is being done we should not turn our backs but go and lend a hand against it.

We should not let others suffer in silence because we are uncomfortable.

I am uncomfortable but its important.

I don’t usually go for politics in my writing, I tend to steer clear and avoid being proven an idiot by opening my mouth. Keep silent and be thought wise. Speak and prove you’re a fool and all that.

I find the ‘news’ so depressing and biased that I cannot bear to watch.I’ve heard what happened in Maryland from a friend and decided to look it up online and also ask questions of those I know.

What I found was a disturbing lack of empathy and a people with so much anger that it had overridden their common sense.What the police did was wrong I have no doubt but two wrongs do not make a right, they only take us backwards.The looting that happened was disgraceful, and I am appalled.I am not black but I am an american and I was ashamed of what my fellow americans did. I cannot stress how disturbed I was when I saw the new reports.

Martin Luther King. Jr. advocated peace, but he was furious at the injustice that was happening and could not remain silent.

I can understand the anger behind what happened then and now

The police or the government did not act correctly in this case or in any other examples of police brutality in recent and not so recent years.

Something needs to be done but don’t you think enough blood has been shed? Have enough people suffered?

Things need to change.

King had a dream and its only the extremely naive that believe that today that dream is a reality in full.

The segregation has ended officially but unofficially being of a certain color of skin can still get you killed in this country more readily than any crime you commit.

Police brutality is a problem across the board but especially in certain ethnic group.

we all know what I’m dancing around and I shouldn’t have to say it. We all know that I am talking about people who happen to have darker skin, african americans.

I am white, so that definitely means I won’t understand some of what that label brings to the table. On the other hand, I had have family that was annihilated in the holocaust so I do have an idea what racial prejudice can breed if left unchecked.

I know it seems a little extreme, a little bit of  jump but if we don’t nip the problem now when it seems small, what will we say when the absurd becomes the reality?

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